Hen – Wiggle And Giggle / Love Itch (7")

Wiggle And Giggle / Love Itch
Wiggle And Giggle / Love Itch

Truly the most broken electro soul 7” I’ve ever come across. I hit up Henderson on Facebook for these sometime ago, and after a few back & forth messages I was hit with radio silence. I woke up one morning 3 years later to news he found a box in storage for me.

Henderson Dunlap Jr. was living in Atlanta, Georgia at the time of recording this single in the late ‘80s. This was his first ever record produced on his very own Millionaire Records. He went on to produce a number of gangster rap cassettes in the ‘90s, and still puts out the occasional Millionaire Records CD now and then.

For this 7”, the lyrics feel like they were made up on the spot, the synth and drum machine remain slightly off rhythm, the studio technician was out to lunch. Whatever went down in that session, I want more of it. There’s not much else to say at this point except give it a listen!