Smiling C is an archival project sharing the stories, songs, and aesthetics of under-appreciated artists. We produce a collection of records, documentaries, photos, and interviews to highlight musicians who didn’t get the deserved recognition for taking creative chances in their time. Now with the ability to search back for these unique moments in music history, working directly with artists, we endeavor to make their innovative visions more accessible, anthologize their back-catalog, and connect their compositions with a worldwide audience for the first time.

Pearly B

Pearly B is a series of mixes made by friends and family published via our SoundCloud profile.

Digging D

Digging D is our YouTube channel we use to share exciting finds.

Mixed Signals

Besides running Smiling C we collaborate with Seance Centre on Mixed Signals – a label focusing on 12” releases.


Shipping & delivery

Packages ship within 2–4 days from the date we receive the order. Items are shipped directly from Santa Cruz, USA using the US Postal Service.

Shipping costs

Shipping is calculated upon checkout.

US 1–3 records $7
  4–8 records $10
Rest of the world 1 record $15
  2 records $20
  3 records $25
  4 records $30
  5–7 records $50
  8–10 records $70