SC#10: America Dream Reserve – Compiled by Charles Bals & Henry Jones

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Compiled by Charles Bals & Henry Jones

Welcome to the America Dream Reserve, home to husband & wife duos, pub legends, one-man-bands, preachers’ sons, and country-lounge entertainers…

America Dream Reserve is a place for kindred souls. An hour-long journey into the world of lo-fi drumcomputer folk, disco-pop-lounge, haunting ballads, obscure vanity pressings, and synthesized string ensembles. A collaborative compilation between Charles Bals, creator of the inimitable Club Meduse, and Smiling C.

This edition of ADR is housed in a die-cut leather structure gatefold sleeve, and comes with eight double-sided interchangeable loose cards with exclusive artist photos on them that can display through the oval cut out. Embossed ADR logo. Includes an insert about the project. Limited run.

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